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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today I was walking through the halls at school and noticed a kid wearing a shirt that said: "I support troops that go to Canada". What is that supposed to mean? Is it supposed to be a war protest about our war in Iraq? I certainly hope not. If this is what the United States teens are coming too, I think I'll move to Europe where they have at least some idea of pride for their country. People like this that are angry at Bush and the war tick me off. We are already at war now and we have taken over a country and have taken it upon ourselves to help this country. We are in for the long haul and people better get used to that. We have already done to much to the country of Iraq to just leave it. Protests aren't going to change that, at least for now. People need to look at the war and think of it as any other war: People are going to die no matter what, war is war. Also, since we are already up to our waists in this war, everyone should understand that we really can't get out of it and that we might as well all work together and help the government and our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. People who are not willing to support the war are unpatriotic, our nation is at war and people aren't willing to support their country and the men and women who are dying to protect our country. If you say that what we are doing in Iraq is wrong because we shouldn't be over there trying to make the world more like us or that we are trying to wipe out the Muslims, right now, who cares. We are already there and the men and women over-seas really need our support now and they are only going to get that support from us. So support the troops over in Iraq and any other place of conflict because they really need it.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


What is time exactly? Can anyone explain what time really is? After all, time is what allows everything to happen, happen. If it were not for time we wouldn't exist. There would be no way to be animated without time. If you think about time you know that it is continuous in all directions. Think of time like a line: it goes in each direction for an infinite length and you can scale time into infinitely small proportions. A second can be broken down into infinite different amounts of units. But why does time exist? Who or what created time? Either time has always been or time is still working backwards as it is still moving forwards. For something to be created as large as time there would have to be an infinite amount of energy used to create it, just as if someone were to change or control time with a time machine or similar device, an infinite amount of energy would be needed to change or control time. So if an infinite amount of energy was used you could say this energy was created by something large with a lot of energy involved. But in order to get something set in motion or to have animation you need time to allow that movement. If there was no such thing as time then time wouldn't have the TIME to create time because time wouldn't have existed (a bit confusing, I know). If there was no time nothing could exist. Time is often called the fourth dimension because in order for anything to exist and animate and live, time must exist for that purpose. Time is a weird thing and I am sure I will have more thoughts on it in the future so in the meanwhile if you have any comments post them or email me at chad.mckenna@gmail.com.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Have you ever thought of the probability of the entire universe happening by chance? Incredibly small. Most people that believe in the big bang theory as the origin of the universe have to think where that incredibly small, dense object or matter that exploded to form the universe came from. We can say that about 15billion years ago the universe was formed, but when was the dense mass from which this universe sprang forth come from? It had to come from somewhere. It couldn't have already existed. It had to be created from something. But what? Some say that it could have come from the collapse of the previous universe. It may be so, but where did this universe come from. You could follow this procedure back to the very beginning and still be stuck with the problem. So where did this incredibly dense object come from that formed the universe? Only one possible answer: God. One question we have to look at is where did matter come from? It had to come from somewhere. It is possible that time is working backwards as it is forwards and that it we will never find the beginning or some supreme being created it. Im going to believe the God answer because it makes more sense now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Media

Too many people listen to a liberal news cast everyday and think that what they are hearing is the truth. The news only shows what will get them as a station better ratings and reviews. In order to do this they often take only the worst parts of the war in Iraq or the conflict in Afghanistan put it on the tube. They do this to try and increase their ratings to make more money and get a better ranking among the other stations. They have resorted to putting trash on the news cast instead of telling us, the people, what really matters. Most of what I am saying is directed towards the often liberal media. They are always trying to portray the war in Iraq as an action flick with real people as the main characters to increase their ratings or they use a news broadcast as a way to protest the war. I don't mind them protesting the war they have the right to, but when they only show one side of the war in Iraq it really makes me mad. What they are doing is what people would call propaganda. They are biased in one way that they present the news. I am not saying that every news organization is like this, but most are. I have talked to many people that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and they all same the same thing: "What is this war I am hearing about on the news, because I sure know its not the war I just came back from". To many times Liberal newscasts and even Conservative newsgroups are to interested in feeding the general population crap that they miss the whole point of the wars or conflicts. News groups try to show our government leaders as these animals that don't care about the lives of the soldiers. The media says that our government is a dictator that is sending the lives of young individuals to their deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan, but they people fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have volunteered their lives to serve their country. War is war, if people don't understand the fact that people will die in war than the American people are much more unintelligent than I wished to think. My point is that we need to be careful what people try to shove down your throats especially when we are getting it from the media.

Public School System

What's up with this new public school system attitude? All of the middle schoolers think they are above the rest of the world these days. They think they can do anything and get away with it because they think all that immature stuff is funny. Another thing, what is it with middle schoolers and doing homework? The new freshman is see coming into my high school are often idiots, drones of the public school system if you will. They have become the perfect example of how not to live your life. The new middle schoolers never do any of their homework, except for a select few, because the kids are idiots. They have no idea that the habits they learn in middle school will carry over to high school and from there to college, if they go, and on into life. The new middle schoolers of today are lazy. They don't care to understand that school is very important in life. Its like the new thing in middle schools today is to be totally oblivious or rather ignorant to the outside world. What is this world coming to?

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