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Saturday, October 15, 2005


What is time exactly? Can anyone explain what time really is? After all, time is what allows everything to happen, happen. If it were not for time we wouldn't exist. There would be no way to be animated without time. If you think about time you know that it is continuous in all directions. Think of time like a line: it goes in each direction for an infinite length and you can scale time into infinitely small proportions. A second can be broken down into infinite different amounts of units. But why does time exist? Who or what created time? Either time has always been or time is still working backwards as it is still moving forwards. For something to be created as large as time there would have to be an infinite amount of energy used to create it, just as if someone were to change or control time with a time machine or similar device, an infinite amount of energy would be needed to change or control time. So if an infinite amount of energy was used you could say this energy was created by something large with a lot of energy involved. But in order to get something set in motion or to have animation you need time to allow that movement. If there was no such thing as time then time wouldn't have the TIME to create time because time wouldn't have existed (a bit confusing, I know). If there was no time nothing could exist. Time is often called the fourth dimension because in order for anything to exist and animate and live, time must exist for that purpose. Time is a weird thing and I am sure I will have more thoughts on it in the future so in the meanwhile if you have any comments post them or email me at chad.mckenna@gmail.com.


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